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Woodchippers TP

Photo Leaflet & Technical Details Type Description
Woodchipper TP100 pdficon TP100 The TP 100 is a drum chipper with a vertical funnel. Compact and effective wood chipper for chipping
branches up to 100 mm in diameter. Retraction and cutting the material happens at the combination of
the vertical chipper and the knives’ position on the drum in relation to the anvil.
Effect from 15 to 40 hp.
Woodchipper TP160 pdficon TP160 Wood chipper on trailer with own engine. Elegant and efficient wood chipper with hydraulic intake for chipping of branches of up to 160 mm in diameter. The integrated hydraulic system and the 2 horizontal cylinders ensure a strong and problem free intake.
TP 160 is a disc cutter where the wood is cut at an angle of 90 degrees. The heart of the machine is the
two knives and the two anvils that ensure efficient wood chipping and a nice uniform chip quality.
The new design, increased capacity and improved service conditions make the TP 160 an attractive
wood chipper and show that even a small machine can be used professionally.
TP 160 PTO can be equipped with stress control system TP PILOT and is recommended for use with a
tractor under 36 kW/50 hk
Woodchipper TP200 pdficon TP200

All-round wood chipper for mounting onto a tractor. This is not without reason the most sold model of the TP Wood chippers. Functionality and flexibility have been crucial factors for many buyers. The TP 200 is a disc chipper with hydraulic feed, three knives and three anvils. Simple, flexible and effective for wood chipping of branches and entire trees up to 200 mm in diameter. The wood is carried by two hydraulically powered feed rollers and cut at an angle of 90 degrees.

Effect need from 40 to 115 hp.

Woodchipper TP250 pdficon TP250

All-round wood chipper for mounting on tractor. If you want large capacity, flexibility and a uniform
chip quality from your wood chipper then TP 250 is the answer. TP 250 is a disc chipper with hydraulic feed. It is effective for cleaning up and chipping branches with a width of up to 250 mm in diameter. The large rotor disc with three knives combined with three anvils, a 90 degree cutting angle and two horizontal retract rollers ensure a very effective chipping of everything from thin branches to entire trees.

Effect need from 60 to 140 hp.

Woodchipper TP230 pdficon TP230

A strong wood chipper for chipping wood of up to 230 mm in diameter with trailer coupling. A disc chipper with hydraulic feeding and with the funnel 90 degrees to the side. The vertical feed rollers and the cutting angle of 45 degrees ensure an aggressive and problem free chipping of even the most crooked trunks. TP 230 is the obvious wood chipper when you want to collect the chips in a cart.
At the same time, the perpendicular chipper gives great advantages when the material to be chipped is placed alongside a road

Effect need from 50 to 120 hp.

Woodchipper TP270 pdficon TP270

Wood chipper for tractor with hydraulic feeding and with the funnel at a 45 degree angular angle.
A forceful and effective wood chipper for chipping wood of up to 270 mm in diameter. The vertical feed
rollers and the cutting angle of 45 degrees gives a large capacity and aggressive feeding of even entire
trees. TP 270 is available with either manual operation or operation with crane.

Effect need from 100 to 200 hp.

Woodchipper TP280 pdficon TP280

TP 280 is a strong and compact wood chipper that is optimal for professional forestry. The wood chipper is mounted on the tractor’s 3-point suspension and a dumper is mounted at the front of the tractor. The long ejector spout “blows” the chips over the tractor and directly into the dumper.

Effect need from 135 to 200 hp.

Woodchipper TP400 pdficon TP400

TP 400 is the optimal wood chipper for production of chips in professional forestry. It has an integrated
crane column and the funnel parallel with the direction of traffic. The wood chipper is mounted in the
tractor’s 3-point suspension. TP 400 is for fast and effective chipping of wood of up to 400 mm in diameter.

Effect need from 200 to 400 hp.

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